Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Hey guys,
today for the very first time I am going to write in english, because I want everyone to understand the following lines.
Probably the most of you heard about the exchange student from Germany who got shot and killed in Montana, USA. I didn't personally know him but I am in many exchange student groups on Facebook and through that we talked a lot about him and we all are really touched and deeply sad about that tragedy. As an exchange student I exactly know that an exchange year has many great moments but also parts where you wanna leave everything and go home to your family.
Diren Dede, the victim of the tragedy, was so close to see his family again and he got killed. I only can imagine how his family in Germany might feel. In the exchange student group we are planning to do something to support the family, even though it doesn't bring him back, we want to show them our respect and support and all our prayers are going out for Diren Dede, his family and all people who loved him.
Rest In Peace Diren Dede, you were taken too soon and you will never be forgotten.

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